We have received an update from the NHS Transplant Team regarding Beth's Heart Valves that had been stored until they were required for transplantation

We have abbreviated the letter for your information, but once again it empahsises the importance of organ donation and the impact it can have on the individual and their surrounding family and friends.

Dear Mandy and Jim,

This letter contains a little information about Beth’s donation and the recipients who have benefited following her gift to them.

The recipient of the 1st valve is an infant boy. This boy was diagnosed with a condition called Transposition of the Great Arteries(TGA), which is a congenital heart defect whereby the child’s heart has not been developed properly. Consequently there is a lack of oxygen to the body and therefore it is often termed “Blue baby syndrome”.

The recipient of the 2nd Valve is a toddler boy who had been diagnosed with a Pulmonary Valve Tumour. In extreme cases such as in this little boy open heart surgery is required to replace the Valve.

Following their surgery both boys are doing well.

This has meant that Beth has transformed the lives of another 2 people.

Once again thank you for allowing Beth to become a donor; her gift can never be underestimated.

If every visitor to this site registers as a donor that could save 9 lives. If every visitor has 50 friends and encourages their friends to visit this site and register that could save 450 lives."Everyone needs to discuss Organ Donation"

The importance of Organ Donation should not be misunderstood. It does not just SAVE a life , it impacts on spouses, children, grand children, brothers , sisters , wider family and friends. "Everyone needs to discuss Organ Donation"

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